Friday, January 2, 2009

Trimming Down

How I started trimming down.

I mentioned in a previous post ways in which I needed to trim down. Not only by losing weight but also by improving myself.
There is another way in which I am trimming down. This is, perhaps, the most important way I am trimming down at this point. I am de-cluttering. By de-cluttering the house I am also de-cluttering my head. It sounds crazy but it is true. I started last week.
I started with this pile of boxes. These have been in my dining room for months. At first they bothered me. Pretty soon they just blended into the background.
The picklets helped by hauling garbage out, recycling bins out and Goodwill donations out. Dill went through every spiral notebook and tore out all the used pages. It took all day.
But now we have our dining room again. We can sit at the table and eat and know where all our school books are.
This is just step one in the process but it is a great beginning!

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  1. Your floor is beautiful!!! I am so jealous of your floor.