Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I do not believe in resolutions.

My past experience with resolutions has always been a set up for failure. Why do we think because it is a new year that we need to write a recipe for change ourselves? Why do we think that it will be easier to change ourselves because the year is changing? Why don't we say we are going to make our change on July 1st? What is so magical about January 1st?

Goals are much more realistic. People set goals each and every day. You have goals at school, goals at work, goals for your future, past goals, present goals, future goals, attained goals, failed goals. Goals are much more realistic.

My overall goal? To be the best me I can be. Simple, right?

Not really.

The best me is 200 pounds lighter. But not just fat wise. Part of the weight I carry deals with the inner me. I need to be less critical. I need to be more spontaneous, less afraid. I want to be a better wife, a better mother, a better housekeeper. I want to actually like certain members of my family instead of only loving them because I have to. I have to be less negative, see the good instead of the bad. I want to look forward to things instead of trying to think of ways to get out of them. I need to be the best me possible.

So, I start. Before the new year on just an average day. The goal is possible, within reach. But it will take alot of hard work, perseverance and patience. It will take soul searching, motivation, confidence and, most of all, faith in myself.

I believe in goals.

But most of all...

I believe in myself.

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