Friday, December 12, 2008

Working Out or Lack There Of

Tuesday our supervising teacher loaned me the 1 Mile video by Leslie Sandsone. I tried it out. I felt great! I couldn't believe how alive my muscles felt. After the 15 minute or so workout I sat down to take my pulse. I can never find my pulse on my wrist so I use a stethoscope. A little overboard I know, but it works. As I was listening and counting I noticed my heart skipped a beat four different times! I have been having fluttering feelings for a couple of weeks and now I know what the feeling was. I called and made an appointment with the doctor for 3:30 that afternoon.

At the doctors office I found out exactly how much I weigh. OMG! Holy Crap! And other things I shouldn't say in writing. That was just the beginning. I found that my blood pressure is high. It has never, ever been high but after the second and third reading we found it is really high. We also found my heart is beating too fast. All of this is a concern to Doc.

He prescribed a blood pressure medicine. He also ordered blood tests, a sleep study and for me to wear a 48 hour Holter Monitor to see what is going on. He said it could be as simple as the blood pressure or an out of wack thyroid. It could also be as serious as a blockage or AF.

The idea of an antidepressant was thrown around for the seasonal aspect of life. I have always had a problem with that. But he decided he would rather wait and get the heart thing taken care of before throwing different medications at me. Makes sense.

The kicker? "Exercise is a good thing but not right now. Absolutely no exercise until we find out what is going on." Laughing out loud on this one. I finally decide I want to exercise and then I am told I can't? Sigh.

I am on the second day of my 48 hours. I have had my blood tests and am waiting the appointment for my sleep study. I have an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday to go over results and be told I need to lose weight, eat low fat, low sodium etc...

Now for my panic to set in. I was told by my MIL that a friend of hers had routine blood tests done. He was feeling great, nothing wrong just yearly blood tests. The results come back and he found out he has leukemia. I tend to have hypocrondriac tendencies. Those of you who really know me know that. So, as I am waiting for Wednesday to come I am thinking about our friend who just died of cancer, MIL's friend who found out he has leukemia from routine blood tests, my dad and his cardiac encounter and my children. It is going to be a long week.

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  1. You can do it! I know that you had a scare, but I will be your buddy even if it is a few states away :0)