Saturday, January 3, 2009


I made some progress today. Possibly not as much as I wanted but progress is progress.

I worked in the kitchen today. I cleaned out the secretary desk in back of the door to begin with. I threw out and donated so many cookbooks it was ridiculous. I don't think I looked at most of those since I obtained them. I did find a vegetarian cookbook and a Marlboro cookbook. They both look interesting.

I then started cleaning out cabinets and drawers. I cleaned out the junk drawer and it actually The junk is only located in the back half of the drawer and the telephone books are in the front part. That might change though. I might put the phone books in the secretariat.

Cool fixed the washer and we have laundry going. Yippee! He also fixed the secretariat so the fold down doesn't fall every time you walk by it. Tired of the bulletin board he "organized" it. He just cracks me up sometimes.

In all I filled up one recycling tub and 1 tub for Goodwill. We also had 1 large bag of garbage. Trimming down can be pretty boring but it sure feels good.

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