Monday, January 12, 2009

Doctor Update

I guess I forgot to update on my last doctor's appointment.

I went back to the doctor on Wednesday. My blood pressure was fine. I gained 2 pounds. (Haven't figured out why yet) I told him my mood was much better, I am happier and I like my family again. He agrees the antidepressants are working.

He asked about my lipids. I told him I haven't gotten them done yet. I tried to explain that I have to fast for them and the only place to get them done is 45 minutes from home. He didn't His question, "What is the leading cause of death for women in the United States?" I replied with, "heart disease." He said, "heart attack! You are young and we would not have advanced warning unless it is through these blood tests!" So, I promised him I would have them done on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to going into town that early but it will give me a chance to go to Barnes and Noble, take the kids out for breakfast and to run a few other errands before our meeting with our supervising teacher.

Doc refilled my blood pressure medicine and I set up another appointment in 6 weeks. Of course they will call if the lipids are as bad as I think they are.

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