Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly Update

This past week has been hell, really. I wasn't home one day last week. We ate out every single day for not only one meal but almost every meal. I didn't get to work out at all. Sigh.

We have been working on the new Sokol building full force. Since we hired the "state crew" the building needs a supervisor. Since Cool is in charge, guess who gets to be supervisor while he is at work? Yeppers, Gerkin! Since we are there, the picklets and I have been helping. We have been scraping dirt out of the cracks so we can clean and then seal the floors. Chip has been sanding walls for Carl, the foreman. They all got to help paint the office this past weekend, which they loved. Though it has been rewarding, it has also been a downer.

For meals we have been living at Wal-Mart. We all like the "lunch plate" and it is cheap. It is also terrible for you. I can feel the grease just clotting. Not to mention the weight I have lost has been gained back plus some. I have a doctors appointment next week and I know I am going to be so disappointed and upset with myself that I will want to cry.

I have also been taking my medications only sporadically. It hasn't helped my mood nor my energy. I have been in bed by 9:00 everyday for a week. Three of those days I was in bed by 8:30 and one of those days I was in bed by 7:30. Honestly, the lack of energy is starting to worry me.

I guess I can count helping at the building as "working out" but not really. Sitting on my butt and scraping dirt isn't aerobically effective by any means. Need to work on that.

Today, I get to stay home. Yay me! I will work out and get the laundry done. Tomorrow starts another week away from home. March is coming soon though. We will be in our new building and Cool and I can concentrate on our house instead. :-) \o/ \o/

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